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Who I am ? Many people asking the same question .
This information are from the link bellow : 
Альсион. Интервью с Akhilleus . 

[Image: 13.1488189306.png]

Нажмите здесь чтобы прочитать на русском
Big thanks to Журналист: мимимишечки

Hi !
  • I'm Wael , in game Akhilleus ( with my main ) , I'm 21 years old and I live right now in Ukraine.
-I'm playing Aion since the 4.3 ( my favourites patch ). I play Gladiator (main) , but I also like to play Sorcerer and Cleric .
I stopped playing Aion since the 4.8 , and now I'm back to see what's happens in the 5.0
I was playing in the Eu server , but I changed location and for reasons of Ping I decided to play in the RU server.
Do you want to know more ?

Interview with Akhilleus

All right, here goes )) What is you name? Where are you from?
My name is Wail, I live in Ukraine (I'm not Ukrainian). Originally I from Morocco, but I lived and studied for a long time in Spain. My main and studies language was always Spanish. I have a big difficult to speak and read Arabic, but I can do it. My parents also they from Morocco.
First of all what brought you here, on ru off servers, have you played anywhere else before?
Interesting question. Many reason:
- I tried all Aions, so I wanted to try the Ru-off server too.
- The Ping. I have exactly the same ping as European server. As you know for the geography, Ukraine are not so far from Russia (Moscow to be exact where's the server located) and Germany (Eu server).
- Security game. The hack-shield, I like the idea, but I dislike the 32 bits, three's no 64 bits.
- The price of premium pack, the price. To give one example, the Premium in European server cost 10 euro, in Ru-off, was costing 300 Rubles (not anymore I know), but the premium pack Ru-off give more bonus etc... I'm not a big 'donator'/shop', but this point is important for the equilibration equipment all players.
- The patch. European server are always so late in comparative with Korean server. Ru-off is the most close.
- The most important point for me: Meet new people, personality, languages etc... I talk 6 languages, I should not have problem to play in any server.
How long have you been playing as gladiator? And why is it gladiator exactly?
I'm playing gladiator around 2 years (from the 4.5), I stopped in the 4.8,-4.9, and I started again in 5.0. In Ru-off with this gladiator i'm playing around 4-5 months. Why gladiator? For one stupid reason: When I played Aion for the first time, I just was doing ''Next, Next, Next'', just to try the game. So the random choice was gladiator. After that, I felt sad, any one can kill my class, that makes me feel bad, but in that moment I felt the challenge. So I wanted to improve my skills.
I watched your videos on youtube and came to conclusion that this is how gladiator should play, considering the fact that you are not using a top notch equipment. How do you manage to play this way, is there any secret?
How to say it. I never like to show my skills in Youtube, but all started with one stupid idea... All the server call me ''читер'' and report to support (I don't know if that's true). To show them that i'm not using any illegal program not even the ''console'' that everybody use; I did videos, than I liked the world of edition videos. I just think about the way to kill my opponent and of course, I tried all classes to know how they can kill me so easy, so I try to improve that difference of unbalance of skills. Versus some classes I just give up, for example when spirit master use fear.
Maybe you could advise something to other gladiators, for solo or group (bg) pvp?
The game is not anymore like before, now Aion it's gear, luck and only 50% skills.
Do you think that AION has imbalanced classes, the ones you can't defeat with your own? Or everything goes around your skills and the way you play?
I think any class can kill glad in the 5.3 I can't kill one SM with fear, I would need magic resist set/Magic suppression, switch every time and get on him god-stone silence+root. Bard is just not possible if we really have the same gear and he know how to use it, even if 80% of bard are bad players and clickers. Ranger now with ''mauform'' + the sleep can really easy kill me, and more when I lose my buffs. Also depend of the map, in open map just no chances. Chanter, I just don't have comment, cleric the same thing. With the new manastones who increase the strike critique resist etc. Just not possible to kill. Sorcerer one cover silence + root and you're out. And more classes... I just don't wanna critique every one...
Are there any players in Aion you would like to challenge for fair pvp/duel? And have you seen those ones stronger than you or equal to you, whom you respect and would like to emphasize?
First before answer your question, I would like to ask you something: What is a strong player for you? Geared/winner? Or with good skills even if he's a loser and non-geared? I'm not here to show the other players that I'm better than them, I'm here to relax myself, share my time with my friends, enjoy the game, and of course I always try to do my best in the game. If one day I would like to play in one professional level, I would need a good connection/ping. My ping right now are 50-60, and my packets loss are really high, I don't see myself capable to challenge people from Russia.
I meant exactly the skilled ones, have you met them here? Are there those whom you haven't fought still but would like to?
I did some duels with Illustrated (with his gladiator) and Ranger NoSleepTonight. This both players are from server Gardarika.
Why do you use name Akhilleus, any connection to Greek hero? You have your own heel of Achilles?
Haha! I used that name to hide my older name, just to see what people think really about me, but still people are calling me читер but now I proved it). Yes I was thinking about the warrior Achilles when I created my name. But Akhilleus are the original name ''Ἀχιλλεύς'' just writes in latin letters. Now I have many heels...
Are you lucky yourself? And how about luck in AION? Do you trust in luck?
I'm not very lucky. Aion = 50% of luck. I do believe in luck.
Do you your constant party whom you play with? And if so then could you tell me something about those guys you play with, couple phrases maybe [Image: clear.png]
Not really a stable party. I do play with Golem (Templar = Страж), and Moleculo (Gunner = Снайпер). The other people we take them randomly, or friends Golem. Yes I like them, I like how they play (they're not so geared), and I like the jokes and the mood that there is in team-speak and between us. We believe in each other and we try to help each other when we can.
How do you communicate, in english? Do you speak russian or only common phrases?
I prefer to communicate in english. I understand russian, but at the moment to talk it, I need time to think how to say it and to formulate phrases. Of course I need to learn a lot of verbs to improve my russian.
Which 6x6 groups were the hardest for you and your party in each pvp location?
Hard for me to answer this question. We have one unstable party. It's depend of the classes of our opponent group. As well you know there's anti-classes, and we just cannot do anything in some cases. From my point of view the best group would be Templar (Страж), cleric (Целитель), Chanter (Чародей), Spirit Master (Заклинатель) + 2 other strong DPS. Bard/ranger would be perfect). This group have too much control, 2 sleeps from ranger, 3 fears from the SM, 2 sleeps from bard, 3 support classes, 2 dispel group, too much defense.
What do you think of using morphs on arenas of gold/cooperation/chaos/discipline? Although it's an in game feature, do you think it's valid enough to morph?
It would be nice to use when both players can use it. I would like to use morph "Water" not to kill the opponent, but just to resist it, heal myself and wait the time of my cool-down get back)). I would like if they make this morph off when your opponent cannot use it, just to balance the arena.
Are you tolerant to those who play in pairs on arenas of glory and chaos? Are you getting angry with them if you mention such behavior?
When this people go in couple, they just kill the sense of this game. What is arena of chaos/glory? All vs all. If they're in couple, that's mean is not anymore all vs all. By the way, in European server one report with video of this cooperating people, they get banned for 14 days. If they want to cooperate, they can go to arena 3x3)). No, I never get angry in game. I play to enjoy and relax myself, but I get tired of this people, that's all. And I just stop doing this arenas because I don't see the sense to play like that.
Do you think that magic suppression sets are still actual to use against magic classes now?
Without the magic suppression there's no chances to win. But I prefer magic resist set for the 5.3. Exactly the set кожаная броня славы, I would like to get that set and make Воля+10 and reach one high magic resist and make my opponent use magical accuracy set, so I can reduce the damage received, and survive to the moment when I have my buffs, and that set already got a lot of magic suppression basically.
Do you have anything to say to other players in Aion on ruoff?
For the moment nothing. We don't share the same game mentality, I have nothing to say to other players. I would like if they one merge of server. My server Альсион have practically no players, I can say that's one death server((.
Thank you for your time!
Thank you too for your question.
Hello , my name is Wail and I'm 24 years old . I have been playing Aion for more than 4 years ; started at 4.3 and left from official server at 5.5; Right now I'm testing all kind of server ( officials and non-officials ) . I write reviews/guide about what I see interesting. I also use this blog for all feeds from every server I have played in .

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